did you know that Bailey actually ADORES Sweedish geese. I think it should become a love anime.

Here's a picture of swedish geese having fun in the air.

This paragraph will explain how Bailey has a fetish for sweedish geese and how Kosti has one for moist pelicans

Kosti Scholiosis has always had a bit of a soft spot for moist pelicans. he has always adored the way their chin slopes down into a sexc curve.

The way they swallow gulps of water making them all moist. Sorry i just had to stress how MOIST these pelicans get.

Also bailey's obssession with sweedish geese is getting out of hand. he currently holds a grand total of 69 of these poor sweedish goosi (yes that is plural for goose).

I heard that he feeds them minimal food to survive because my man "likes their curvy figure better when theyre thin." But its ok becuase hes a vegan so i didnt expect very much from him anyway

Scholiosis went to Bailey's house in order to drool over the various sweedish goosi that our lord bailey kept in his basement. The sensual cries for food from the goosi triggerred Scholiosis therefore he launched an attack on Bailey. He realeased his moiost pelicans who yeeted the living s*** out of bailey. But bailey summoned the great SWEED GOOSIUS. Who trampled Scholiosis with its tremendous weight.

But the mighty pelicans all flew into the SWEED GOOSIUS's mouth and choked him. Now he had won, Scholiosis let out all the Sweedish goosi

who ate eachother because they were very hungry.


The End

i learnt how to code this on happy anime watching!